Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has in fact directed the essential authorities to fix up 5,000 tanks spread throughout the island following a system incorporating ancient innovation and modern clinical methods.The tanks will be restored under the “Wari Saubhagya “program with the assistance of the Civil Defence Force (CDF) to speed up the task, mentioned the President’s Media Department( PMD). The proposed program was

examined in length during the conference to discuss future activities of the State Ministry of Advancement of Rural Paddy Fields and Associated Tanks, Reservoirs, and Watering held at the Presidential Secretariat on Wednesday (9 ).” A task to spruce up tanks was carried out earlier too. It came under strong criticism by the professionals together with the public. This is due to the reality that no matter the dredging of tanks, ancient techniques and scientific methods of water retention were not utilized. Such downsides should be avoided and rehab should continue in a way particular to each location and tank under a common criterion,” the President said.The capacity of tanks has in fact been lowered due to their silting. There is a good deal of tanks with breached banks.Governmental Task Force on

Economic Revival Chairman Basil Rajapaksa pointed out the need to spruce up such tanks targeting the Maha season.President Rajapaksa highlighted the possibility of utilizing tank water not just for paddy growing nevertheless similarly to please the requirements for drinking water and other irrigation requirements.The Department of Land Use Policy Preparation and the Department of Farming have in fact jointly carried out a study on the pattern of agricultural land usage depending on the irrigation system.Based upon its findings, techniques are afoot to cultivate 17 figured out crops in the intermediate and

inter seasons supported by an appropriate water management system, defined the PMD.” The rehabilitation of tanks ought to be performed while maintaining their associated industries. It is crucial that the task should be implemented in mix with associated organisations and farmers ‘societies.” President Rajapaksa had really advised to recondition the watering system consisting of canals and dams in parallel with the project to fix up tanks.During the conference, attention was focused on the requirement of accelerating the “Uthuru Meda Maha Ela “and” Wyamba Ela “jobs prepared with the objective to provide watering and drinking water. Under this programme 80,000 hectares fed by 1,500 tanks in the North Central and North Western Provinces will be cultivated, the PMD stated.The requirement to include the watering systems of the island and all the forest tanks and neighbouring rivers in a gazette notification was amongst the subjects spoke about at the meeting.President Rajapaksa also encouraged the authorities to quickly refurbish 500 little tanks situated within reserves for the benefit of wild animals. An one-year program will be implemented to accomplish this objective jointly by the Department of Watering and the Department

of Wildlife and Forest Conservation.In parallel to this effort, the “National Food Production Contribution Program” covering 120,000 deserted paddy lands will likewise be released, the PMD said.During this conference, special attention was drawn to the requirement to without hold-up fill the jobs that exist in particular cadres such as engineer and technical officer in the field of watering for a prolonged period of time, the PMD said.The development of the” Tharuna Govi Saubhagya, Kabanika Govipala “programme began with the goal of directing young business owners to utilize natural fertilisers for farming activities, was examined at this conference. The task has been established covering 5,000 acres from the best bank of Maduru Oya. It was concurred that all the essential infrastructure centers for the task will be provided.State Minister of Internal Security, Internal Affairs, and Disaster Management Chamal Rajapaksa, State Minister of Improvement of Rural Paddy Fields and Associated Tanks, Reservoirs, and Irrigation Anuradha Jayaratne, Presidential Job Force on Economic Revival Head Basil Rajapaksa; Secretary to the President P.B. Jayasundera; officials of the Cabinet, state ministries, and line institutes; and agents of the farmers’ associations existed at the conversation, according to the PMD. Source

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