Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

BENGALURU: Badgered by media reports about his supposed involvement in a popular drugs racket including Sandalwood stars, Congress MLA and former Minister BZ Zameer Ahmed Khan on Friday asserted that he was being targeted by his political oppositions given that he is a Muslim.Khan is the owner of an individual bus company National Travels and has many other organization interests expanded across Mumbai and other locations in the country.Throwing down the attack at his challengers, Khan declared that if the authorities discovered even one piece of proof versus him in the drug racket, he would supply all his house to the federal government and surrender to the authorities.” I vow to adhere to the authorities in this case,” he stated while speaking to reporters after a conference with Leader of the Opposition, Siddaramaiah.Of late, a location of the media had actually been going over Khan’s declared close associate Fazil Khan, who is

stated to run a gambling establishment service in Sri Lanka.The Congress MLA kept that neither did he understand much about Fazil Khan nor about his organization interests in Sri Lanka.

” I do not comprehend what all companies Fazil is involved in, here or elsewhere. I am not his company partner. I satisfied him 4 years earlier and my last telephonic conversation with him too took place around the very same time. So, I am prepared to comply with any business that will examine this case,” he said.He claimed that he had actually never ever pleased Sandalwood starlet Sanjjanaa Galrani who was imprisoned in the event.

” Why will I go to a casino? This is a conspiracy hatched versus me by my political challengers. I am being targeted completely considering that of my religious beliefs,” he claimed.The previous Minister stated he had really not fulfilled Galrani in Bengaluru or in Sri Lanka.” Why will I go to Sri Lanka to satisfy her or at the airport? I have not even seen her in my life. So, how does the question about me satisfying her in Sri Lanka or in other places emerge?” Khan questioned angrily.Meanwhile, Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa mentioned that the state federal government had actually used a free hand to cops to take a look at drug-related cases.

” We will not capture any pressure, be it political or otherwise,” he reiterated.It was reliably discovered that the Congress management was worried about Khan’s name appearing in a variety of cases in the last one year– multi-billion rupee ponzi plan, DJ Halli riot case,

and now a drugs case involving Sandalwood actors.Earlier in the day, Khan satisfied his mentor Siddaramaiah, who allegedly asked him to come tidy in this case. Source

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