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ECONOMYNEXT-Sri Lankan federal government will increase the range of National Schools to 1000 while enhancing the existing schools to use equivalent centers, a statement launched by the Presidents Media division (PMD) said.The option was taken at a conference held a few days ago at the Governmental secretariat chaired by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa with the involvement of the just recently chosen State Ministers.The conference talked about issues in the education system and the choice to increase the variety of National schools and to designate District Educational Committees for the Advancement of school network in each district was taken.” A few of the existing National Schools are there just for the name. There are no adequate centers offered. These schools will also be developed expeditiously.” the statement said.It was also selected to improve the zonal offices and

divisional workplaces in the school system.The president asked the politicians not to interfere in transfers and

other concerns referring to school staff and admission of trainees however they could contribute to any activity to ensure the development of the school network in the country.Acting principals will be selected for the jobs in the Principal grade and trainers’ examinations are to be held as quickly as a year per the teacher’s service policies. “The main aspect for tasks in Principal posts is due to the failure to carry out these assessments in a systematic way, “the statement specified. “It was similarly chosen to explore the possibility of designating qualified and knowledgeable instructors in schools

as Acting Principals.” The statement mentioned the President mentioning the flooding in cities and stated due to not performing the choices introduced by the previous federal government of Mahinda Rajapaksa the issue stayed throughout the previous governments time.” We presented an irreversible solution for this issue. It was not personnel throughout the last 5 years and the concern stays.

” President Rajapaksa said.” The commitments have actually been designated to a number of institutes and it is among the elements for this failure.” Required for modification of

the medical regulation was similarly discussed in the conference and decisions were needed to Execute appropriate treatment in importing medicine and changes in policies for importation practices.Head of the Presidential Task Force on Economic Revival, Basil Rajapaksa stated Sri Lanka has the capacity to fulfill the around the world medical requirements in addition to entering into the international medical supply chain.

” We have investors wait, if we can accomplish this it will be a historical success for Sri Lanka,” he said.The conversation was continued controlling drug trade and reinforcing civil defence committees to help the drug getting rid of programs.( Colombo/September 11/2019) Reported by Chanka Jayasinghe Source

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