Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

The Sri Lankan Embassy in Vienna together with the Sri Lanka Traveler Promotion Bureau simply recently promoted Sri Lanka as a destination at the prestigious Welt Museum in Vienna.

A a lot of visitors representing the diplomatic corps, Federal government organizations, tourist sectors, take a trip representatives, writers, blog writers, tourist publications and media went to the ‘Flavours of Sri Lanka’ marketing occasion.

The destination promotion occasion showcased Sri Lanka’s 8 designs on outside flags, particularly Pristine, Essence, Heritage, Wild, Thrills, Picturesque, Joyful and Bliss developed in an elegantly colourful way. The Sri Lanka dining facilities based in Vienna showcased an unique journey of cooking treasures of our cuisines, producing an actually Sri Lankan environment. The guests had the opportunity to savour a variety of Sri Lanka cuisines tantalising their palates. The world’s finest ‘Ceylon Tea’ was also served to the visitors.

The Embassy highlighted the ‘So Sri Lanka’ branding clearly at the Welt Museum where flags, caps and wrist bands promoting Sri Lanka as a tourist destination in Austria were distributed.

The destination promotion event got big publicity in the print and electronic media.


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