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Electric fences are put up now in the Anuradhapura District, Anuradhapura Government Agent R.M.Wanninayaka said.He stated that four Zones have actually been demarcated for setting up energized fences. The fences will be established without blocking traditional elephant passages. Wanninayake said that old fences which block the elephant passages will be gotten rid of. He stated the fences would be re-erected preventing the elephant corridors.He stated that currently 32 km has actually been completed. The human-elephant dispute in the district is, meanwhile, intensifying. The death toll of wild elephants stands at 26 in Anuradhapura in 2020 up to August, whereas 12 human deaths have actually been reported. The clearing of thick jungles for advancement tasks and by farmers and wood racketeers have actually caused quick reducing of the forest cover denying the wild elephants of their homeland.He said that co-existence design was the best way to manage the menace.

“In the past, the wild elephants avoided human beings, and now they chase after people, eliminate them and ruin their cultivations.Wanninayake stated that lots of attempts to manage the dispute have actually proved futile in the past.

He said President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has appointed a Committee headed by distinguished ecologist Dr. Prithiviraj Fernando to send propositions to reresolve the conflict.A World Bank sponsored program to solve the conflict in Anuradhapura and Kurunegala are likewise in development.

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