Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

Life insurance leader pivots to new paradigm in response to COVID-19 travel restrictions

A veritable shower of gold – Rs 30 million worth to be precise – is what Ceylinco Life is going to reward loyal policyholders with, as an exciting alternative to its ‘Family Savari’ mega promotion, set back by travel restrictions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sri Lanka’s life insurance market leader has announced that more than 600 policyholders drawn from those who keep their life insurance or retirement plans active between September 2020 and August 2021 would be eligible to win this bonanza in gold, instead of the overseas holidays and local excursions they would normally win under this promotion.

Dispelling the gloom wrought by the pandemic on many aspects of life, Ceylinco Life said it will conduct six bi-monthly draws during the promotion period, selecting more than 100 policyholders at each draw for rewards in gold, with one grand winner winning Rs 1 million in gold every two months and 99 others sharing Rs 4 million in gold.

“Loyal customers keep businesses alive and must be appreciated fittingly, especially in difficult times like the present,” Ceylinco Life Managing Director Mr Thushara Ranasinghe commented. “That is why, the global pandemic notwithstanding, we have decided to reward them with gold, a universal symbol of prosperity and perennial value.”

“Ceylinco Life Family Savari is already ensconced at the pinnacle of customer promotions in Sri Lanka, and we are once again establishing a new paradigm in policyholder rewards with the 14th edition of the programme,” Mr Ranasinghe added.

To be eligible for the six draws of Family Savari 14, policyholders would be required to continue their existing policies with Ceylinco Life or maintain a minimum account balance in their retirement plans.

Additional winning chances would be given to customers who pay their premiums directly to the company and further chances will be assigned corresponding to the time they have been Ceylinco Life customers, the company said. New policyholders who obtain life insurance in the promotion period and pay a minimum of three monthly premiums would also be eligible to participate.

Intended to stimulate interest in life insurance, encourage policyholders to keep their policies active and to promote the value of family time and unity, the Family Savari programme has benefitted more than 26,000 people in the past 12 years. Grand-prize winning families at previous Family Savari promotions have visited Australia, Italy, England, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and France, while other winners have toured China, Dubai and Singapore.

Ceylinco Life’s Family Savari programme is promoted by four popular brand ambassadors, the Sri Lankan actors Sriyantha Mendis, Sanjeewani Weerasinghe and Roshan Ranawana and his wife Kushlani who in past editions joined the policyholders on their overseas holidays and local excursions.

Sri Lanka’s leading life insurer for more than half of the 32 years it has been in existence, and certified as a ‘Great Workplace’ in Sri Lanka by Great Place to Work®, Ceylinco Life was ranked the Most Valuable Life Insurance Brand in Sri Lanka by Brand Finance this year and declared the ‘Peoples Life Insurance Service Provider of the Year’ for the 14th consecutive year at the 2020 SLIM-Nielsen Peoples Awards. The Company was ranked among the 10 ‘Most Admired Companies’ in the country by the International Chamber of Commerce, Sri Lanka (ICCSL) in 2019 and in the same year was named the ‘Best Life Insurer in Sri Lanka’ for the sixth consecutive year by World Finance, and ranked sixth overall in the Business Today ranking of the country’s top 30 companies.

Ceylinco Life has close to a million lives covered by active policies and is acknowledged as a benchmark in the local insurance sector for innovation, product research and development, customer service, professional development and corporate social responsibility.

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