Tue. Sep 22nd, 2020

[] The human foot is a masterpiece that provides stability and poise, whilst enabling movement and balancing the entire body weight. Yet according to latest research findings, more than 75% of the world’s population suffers from some form of foot misalignment, which left unattended, can lead to chronic pain in muscles and joints in the back, hips and knees, hindering overall performance.

[]Some feet have supinated (high) arches while some have pronated (low) arches (also known as flat feet) , both being conditions that cause misalignment and discomfort. Whilst mass produced footwear may seem to ‘fit’ well, what actually happens is that the feet tries to adjust themselves to the shoes, compromising comfort, proper alignment and correct weight distribution.


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[]Helping to overcome this challenge with an innovative but practical solution, the company FootBalance incorporated in Finland in 2003 has been mastering the art and science of customized insoles. Currently present in more than 50 countries in six continents, the brand has now been launched in Sri Lanka, under the authorized distribution of FootBalance Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

[]Driven by the vision of optimizing foot health for overall body health and performance, FootBalance offers a range of insoles, carefully crafted and customized for diverse use to improve performance of different people with different lifestyles.

[]These include  the  Medical range that is designed to combat issues such as diabetes and arthritis, where the insoles are made to offload pressure in the heel areas to avoid the forming of calluses.The Game range is  aimed at those into sports from hiking to basketball, cricket and rugby providing increased stability and greater shock absorption.  FootBalance’s Max range is recommended for those seeking customized insoles for general use, office wear and breeze walking, providing greater foot support. The Ladies ¾ range is perfect for high heeled shoes and dance wear, while the Children’s range is designed to address common kids’ issues, mainly flat feet and knock knees.


[]Having commenced over just a couple of months ago, Foot Balance is proud to have received a positive response from the market, which comprises of prominent sportspeople, coaches , doctors and leading  business personalities who have all understood the value of the product and it’s contribution towards good foot health.The brand has therefore  been enjoying a constant growth in sales, in spite of the recent pandemic.

[]Taking  into account that every foot is unique and thus requires to be personalized to suit each persons requirement to enable maximum results for their foot health, Foot Balance  offers customized insoles based on the dynamics of your feet. While every customer is provided a Personalized Foot Analysis in store, 100% customized insoles are molded and provided almost immediately as-you-wait. Customers can insert insoles into any type of footwear and even interchange insoles between shoes if preferred. The main store is located within easy access at  Haig Road, Colombo 04.


[]The product is made using durable anti-bacterial fabric and patented custom molded.Balance plated for Dynamic Arch Support, FootBalance insoles are both comfortable, and shock-absorbent and manufactured to international quality standards. The team at Footbalance also provides insight into remedies for common foot injuries through their informative online page   https://www.footbalance.com/commoninjuries, that is dedicated to educate the general public.

[]Internationally the brand has gained the market positioning of becoming the preferred choice of international sports stars and high performance athletes, and is also endorsed by medical professionals for many foot ailments such as diabetes and flat foot.

[]Having a large spread of retail outlets globally that includes leading sporting goods stores,  department stores, shoe shops and medical clinics in six continents, the team in Sri Lanka hopes to make the brand accessible to people in all the key regions of the country in the near future, with the aim of bringing customized insoles within everyone’s reach.


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