Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

Issues with lack of proper policies on powerCountry yet to fully utilise renewable energy

By Maheesha Mudugamuwa

The Lanka Viduli Sewaka Sangamaya (LVSS) yesterday (15) said that there is no power shortage at present in the country, even though some experts allege that there is.

Speaking to The Morning, LVSS General Secretary Ranjan Jayalal said the power sector issues were mainly due to the lack of proper policies within the country.

Highlighting the issues with regard to connecting renewable energy to the national grid, he stressed that renewable energy was produced since 2016 but couldn’t be connected to the national grid due to the lack of space.

“These people are saying there is a shortage, and once the production comes, they say there’s no space, which is an absolute joke,” Jayalal said, adding that the country at present has enough power, including renewable energy, and what is needed at present is a method to add that power to the national grid.

The private sector mostly came forward and started building more renewable energy plants, including solar and wind, but the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) had no proper plan to connect these to the national grid and solve the power shortage in the country, the LVSS alleged.

Meanwhile, the Solar Industries Association (SIA) also alleged that the country is yet to fully utilise all the available opportunities to achieve the targets for solar energy in the country.

Elaborating further, the association stressed that to achieve the government policy of 80% of renewable energy demand by 2030, as stated in President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s election pledge, around 200 MW of rooftop solar should be added to the national grid per year.

It further noted that the country should build at least 200,000 rooftop solar power plants, adding 2 GW within the next 10 years to support the overall target and another 3 GW of power through ground-mounted solar power plants.

According to the SIA, only 270 MW of roof-mounted solar systems and 62 MW of ground-mounted systems have been added to the national grid from 2016 to date.

They stressed that the growth at the present slow pace will not be sufficient to meet the target set for 2030.


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