Wed. Oct 21st, 2020

When we consider greenhouses, we tend to think of the cold hills of Nuwara Eliya, old fashioned English houses and Victorian arboretums filled with unique plants. We do not tend to believe state-of-the-art, modern or organic, and we definitely do not think of Anuradhapura.This is where Saaraketha

, Sri Lanka’s only qualified natural fresh vegetables and fruit seller, has really dreamt big and offered much better than anyone thought was possible. They have in fact utilized the future of farming and brought it to reality today, in the type of a greenhouse job that will see the face of Sri Lankan natural farming modification overnight.Not just a very first for Sri Lanka, however a first for the entire area, the

new Saaraketha Solar-powered Greenhouse task has a production ability of half a million square feet of regulated environment, entirely solar powered and absolutely carbon neutral. Forecasted to rollover 60 varieties of veggies, greens and herbs, the Saaraketha Solar-powered Greenhouse Project will have the capability to provide steady crops all year round, ensuring a continuous incomes for farmers and repaired costs for customers.With worldwide weather patterns continuously modifying and winding up being increasingly more unforeseeable and undependable, it is more vital than ever to buy Sri Lanka’s self-sufficiency and enhance food security. And with increased understanding and awareness of the damage that pesticides do to both the environment and health, it is also the time to focus on crops and production that is really great for us and world earth, with no corners cut and with complete transparency.Saaraketha has constantly led the way to ensuring traceability and openness, releasing their plant to plate tracing innovation in 2019, and now they want to take it an action further.With their creator Prasanna Hettiarachchi at the helm, they are handling the impressive job of altering Sri Lankan farming by checking out approaches to harness the power of development to make sure that farmers’ earnings are improved and their ability to feed the country is stabilized.From the first day, Saaraketha has in fact been dedicated to the farmers of Sri Lanka. It is their stories, their experiences and their goals that have actually encouraged Saaraketha to produce the platform that they have more than the last 9 years. And even now the Saaraketha Solar-powered Greenhouse Task is powered 80% by female farmers, all working with Saaraketha to bring excellence to our homes while boosting their own households’ futures.To date natural in Sri Lanka was thought about the privilege of the couple of, constantly the healthy however highly expensive option. Normal households would prioritise their kids and purchase natural just for them, nevertheless that need not hold true any longer. With the Saaraketha Greenhouse Job, the rates of veggies, greens and

herbs are lessening by 50%. Not as a one off, or a sale, nevertheless for excellent. From October onwards, worldwide certified,” Accredited Organic” produce will be easily available online at and all supermarket sellers. Source

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