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JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel would oppose any U.S. sale of innovative F-35 warplanes to Qatar, Israel’s intelligence minister said on Sunday, pointing out a need to keep Israeli military supremacy in the region.Intelligence Minister Eli

Cohen made the remarks in reaction to a Reuters report that Qatar-whose Iran links problem Israel – had actually sent an official demand to Washington to buy the Lockheed Martin Corp. stealth jet.The United States talks to Israel on proposed sales of innovative arms to other countries in the location, under an idea of keeping Israel’s “qualitative military edge “. Some such sales have in fact gone on over Israeli objections.Asked whether Israel would oppose an F-35 sale to Qatar, Cohen informed Army Radio:” The action is

yes. Our security and military supremacy in the area are the most significant things for us. Our area has in fact still not become Switzerland.” Qatar’s F-35 need follows an August deal with which Washington consented to consider providing the United Arab Emirates approval to acquire the jets in a side deal to a U.S.-brokered agreement normalising ties in between Israel which Gulf power.Israel, which has purchased and released the F-35, has voiced pain at the possibility of UAE also getting the warplane-though the 2 countries have in fact highlighted shared concerns about threats from Iran.Qatar, by contrast, keeps ties with Iran as well as with the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, versus which Israel has actually combated 3 wars in Gaza.But Qatar has actually also funnelled numerous dollars in aid to Gaza, payments Israel has really helped with in hope of avoiding another disagreement in the impoverished enclave.That intervention has in fact activated some Israeli authorities to forecast Qatar may also develop main ties with Israel. Doha has ruled this out in the absence of an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal.Writing by Jeffrey Heller; Customizing by Elaine Hardcastle, William

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