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Mahinda Rajapaksa, the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, has in fact just recently made a public declaration that the establishment of deviated schools for kids in different spiritual and ethnic groups was a major reason to deflect society according to religious beliefs and ethnic groups. The policy established lots of concerns in the treatment of building a united country and one country. In the past, this concern was not shown in society as people believed that society would be continued in the future without dynamism in mindsets and modernization has exposed that society reveals it is an unsteady condition as Lord Buddha stated. This was advised by Mr.J.R.Jeyawarddane when Mr. Gamini Jayasuriya left from politics in 1978. There is no doubt that the center of schools for kids in various faiths, and social groups were the considerable aspect for the department of society, the expression of Mr. Rajapaksa was supported by Mrs. Chandrika Kumaratunga. It is remorse to note that spiritual leaders and ethnic leaders did not reveal their assistances to eliminate dissentious schools in the nation and this is politics in society (notional differences).

The joining effort of people as one nation in the country for a very long time has in fact been adversely inspired by a divided school system promoting notional differences in society, and great deals of political, spiritual leaders have in fact been exposing speeches, and talking without helpful actions to eliminate the problem. The method in contemporary society is rather different from the past and if King Dutugemunu is in today society he would have worked out with Elara than performing a blood-letting war to beat the opponent The prime minister’s view showed a substantial barrier to policy development for the reconciliation of society, and he needs to job the idea as a conceptual base of the new federal government to make education reforms to get rid of divided schools to skillfully utilize all citizens.During the reign of Kings and Queens, the center of schools for numerous groups was not either permitted or actively operated in society. When critically examines the education distribution policy in the society of the reign of Kings and Queens the difference of society was not an issue due to the truth that the order of the King or Queen or the will of the King or Queen was the law. Deviated schools was not a linked problem as the understanding, abilities, and individual quality was not ranked in regards to the ownership of the school at that time. During the LTTE war-time, war-hero were not recruited from specific schools and individuals informed in all schools added to beat the separatist war.

Sri Lanka had a system of notifying kids for centuries and many historians exposed that universities for notifying a variety of topics stayed in the Anuradhapura period. The wide circulation of education began with the spiritual base was promoted by Portuguese and in action to Portuguese policy all ethnic and spiritual groups, established schools for their groups, and this department has in fact been broadened up until today. The policy of nationalizing aids-granted schools in 1962 had not come to standstill the variance of society by various schools for faiths and ethnic groups, deviated schools. National education policy for all was not established and lots of people informed in rural schools were insulted in society. No federal government had a pulse to alter the system, great deals of spiritual leaders especially, Catholic Church, Anglican Church, and the Methodist church in the nation pushed the UNP federal government in 1965 to maintain Christian Colleges to the cosmopolitan rich class and the specific same actions were followed by other spiritual groups in the nation. The response of Christian churches followed by other spiritual administrators appeared like truthfully sustaining to little fire against the mentor of Jesus Christ and the policy initiation of the 2nd Vatican Council.

While taking the concept of reconciliation the bacterium (dividing society by education in schools specified to numerous spiritual and ethnic groups), was permitted to spread out, and today Sri Lanka has a divided society on an ethnic and religious basis. Later on, the education policy promoted particular spiritual and ethnic schools for the abundant, and the quality of education harmed in the country. I had individual experience of how hard to admit a kid to metropolitan schools, and I was needed by Catholic school principals in Colombo, a large sum of cash as a kickback to school to confess a kid and finally, I have actually picked to move abroad to escape the problem and in abroad I have not had any issue admitting my kids to the Catholic schools, which are more advanced in education level and quality than in Catholic Schools in Colombo.The other barrier

to nationwide unity is being considered as previous student associations that dealt with school administrators to gain allurement and to allurements to school administrators who work versus nationwide reconciliation. It exposes that past student associations in the nation have actually created issues for nationwide reconciliation and great deals of administration activities of the nation in Colombo and other cosmopolitan towns bringing unneeded people and automobiles (Human and Motor traffic) losing funds of the country that might be spent for regional improvement. The extra traffic could eliminate from Colombo and it would bring justice to bad people in Colombo and change the look of highways in Colombo like in recognized countries.The major issue

in Sri Lanka is connected with education circulation and the problem can not eliminate over night and the federal government requires to work with important groups. Education is a qualitative element and it has no worth from where it got and knowledge, abilities, and quality are unique aspects irrespective of where they are obtained. The education reforms in the nation need to consider crucial aspects that have universal significance to individuals. Source

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