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The World Socialist Website is publishing messages of support for Dr. Joseph Scalice from throughout the world. Dr. Scalice who has actually come under attack from the Philippine Stalinists for his reliable lecture, “First as Disaster, Second as Farce: Marcos, Duterte and the Communist Events of the Philippines,” which examined the assistance used by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), and the different organizations that follow its political line, to authoritarian Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016.

Acutely sensitive to the criticism of the CPP, its founder Jose Maria Sison, without a shred of proof, has knocked Dr. Scalice as a paid CIA representative and an informer for Duterte. Dr. Scalice, through the facility of the historic record about the betrayals of the CPP, has in fact done a service to the working class in the Philippines and internationally.We trigger our readers to

pertained to the defence of Dr. Scalice, including by sending declarations of support to the WSWS opposing the slanderous attack on him by the CPP and sharing his lecture widely.Sakuntha, a trainee at University of Sri Jayewardenepura: Knock the slanders versus Dr. Joseph Scalice!As an university student, I am very much considering the series of posts on earth Socialist Site on the exposure

of the Maoist Communist Celebration of the Philippines( CPP) by the historian Dr. Joseph Scalice.I got the opportunity to listen to Scalice’s lecture “First as a catastrophe, 2nd as a farce “held on August 26th. I wish to stress that this lecture offered a powerful direct exposure of the dreadful results bequeathed to the international working class by Stalinism and its extension Maoism. It uses a motivation for youth, including myself, to study the history of the around the world working class.It was through the WSWS that I acquainted of the attack launched by the CPP’s founding leader Jose Maria Sison against Dr. Scalice and Trotskyism. His attacks consisted of many slanders and dangers. As the WSWS has in fact currently described, Sison’s slanders are

straight-out lies and not based on any historic substantiation.Denouncing the slanders and dangers by Sison and the CPP, I reveal my total support for the work carried out by Dr. Joseph Scalice, the WSWS and Socialist Equality Celebrations to develop historic truth.Scalice’s lecture resolved amongst my lasting concerns relating to why the battles of the around the world working individuals, which were substantial in number, were not able to topple the capitalist system throughout the duration of over a century after the Russian Transformation in 1917.

It drew my attention to the counterrevolutionary function of Stalinism and Maoism.Scalice’s lecture made clear the function played by the Maoist CPP and the Stalinist Communist Parties in subordinating the working class to the capitalist class in the Philippines. The lecture assisted me understood the Stalinists’ support for Ferdinand Marcos, who establish a military dictatorship in 1970s, and

the CPP’s assistance of Duterte into power in 2016. Both events led the way for mass genocide.As Scalice explained, providing progressive credentials to the bourgeoisie has huge repercussions. The working class and the peasant masses have paid the rate for this betrayal with their very lives.Scalice’s lecture likewise explained how the “theory of two-stage revolution,” promoted by Stalinists and Maoists, helped the capitalist system to save its life.Scalice’s exposures stand not just for the CPP, however for all the celebrations based on those reactionary theories. That is because of the fact that Stalinism and Maoism are an around the world phenomenon.When studying the role of CPP, what

has actually pertained to my mind is record of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna( JVP) celebration, which was developed in Sri Lanka in the 1960s. The JVP promoted Maoist theories

and has actually now transformed into a celebration of the capitalist facility. Through the SEP’s literature, I have actually studied how the JVP dragged the masses into catastrophes based on these theories.The direct exposures

by Scalice will help youth and workers in Sri Lanka to break from these kind of parties.The global recession, intensified by the coronavirus pandemic, has in fact produced a new age of working class has a difficult time globally. The reaction of the gentility in every nation has actually been to rely on fascist and military-police sort of standard, in order to squash these fights. All over the world, celebrations based upon Stalinism and Maoism when again look for to puzzle and subordinate the opposition of the employees

to these authoritarian rulers.Under these conditions, exposing these celebrations and defending the historic reality will play a vital function in helping the workers to fend off these capitalist traps and prepare their future battles. In this sense, Scalice’s contributions serve the employees and youth who are coming into battle. That is why the CPP are so mad with his exposures.Dr. Scalice’s work is exceptional in a duration where exposing Stalinism and Maoism, and the parties based on them, is a burning need

for the working class. His work is based upon historic reality, indicating the lessons of history, exposing the Stalinist and Maoist celebrations which will offer a burning animation and inspiration for the employees, scholars and youth who have an interest in them.The required lesson of the previous fights of the employees is that the working class can not win without an innovative Trotskyist party.I interest workers and youth in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and other nations to develop the locations of the International Committee of the fourth International.Keo, a health employee who concerned Australia as a young kid with his family from Laos in 1981: I am writing to support Dr. Scalice in his exposure of the insolvency of the CPP in the Philippines and defend his right to distribute his work as

extensively as possible, without disruption and risks from Sison and his followers.The lecture by Dr. Scalice exposed the connection in between the policy of Stalinism in Asia and the betrayal of the fights of the working class and the bad peasants who battled versus Imperialism to develop a much better world under the banner of Socialism.Sunday, October 25

, 1pm United States EDT International online rally: Welcoming the relaunch of the World Socialist Website Register Now Dr. Scalice, in his lecture, established concretely the connection in between type and product, in between the political perspective of Socialism in one nation and the betrayal of irreversible revolution.As Trotsky’s Permanent Transformation theory mentions

, nations of belated capitalist advancement under the domination of imperialism, require an innovative battle led by the working class for democracy and socialism as part of an international program.Dr. Scalice’s rigorous scholastic work has in fact gone unanswered, whilst his opponents improperly implicate him of being a CIA representative

with no proof. This is reminiscent of the lies and purges carried out by Stalin. Just charlatans who stand in the method of historic reality act in this way.Dr. Scalice’s work has actually opened up a technique forward for the working class to clarify the function of Stalinism in Asia in blocking the political awareness of the masses.Adam, an employee from Victoria in Australia: I compose to provide my help to Dr. Joseph Scalice for his important research study into the recent political history of the Philippines. I want to likewise thank him for sharing this research study in exposing vital situations and demonstrating the course to Duterte’s standard of today.His findings make an engaging case versus the Communist Celebration of the Philippines in reversing the interests of the working class with its political relationship and policy towards the judgment elite.I likewise condemn the anti-intellectual attacks from the CPP on his reality informing, that concentrates on slandering his political/historian bona fides and character assassination instead of dealing with the findings of his research study. This is to be prepared for with a reactionary Stalinist party, which the

CPP most definitely is.David, a teacher from rural NSW in Australia: Dr. Joseph Scalice’s scholarship of the Communist Party of the Philippines has in fact produced a seriously important chronicle of the CPP’s betrayal of workers in the area. His work has actually cast light upon the blatant lies of the CPP and revealed the degree of their traitorous collaboration with the homicidal and fascistic Duterte federal government. The accusations from CPP leader Jose Sison that Scalice is a CIA operative, and the incredibly real dangers Sison has really made on Scalice’s life expose the

worries within the CPP that employees will discover the Celebration’s help of Duterte.Dr. Scalice requires the assistance of all people who value historical truth. The fight Scalice has actually insinuated the CPP is essential. As commercialism continues to collapse and produce fascistic kinds of rule, the defence of historical truth will become worldwide in scope.We require to

unquestionably knock the CPP and their actions against the workers of the Philippines and versus Scalice, jointly exposing their betrayal of workers and their assistance of the criminal Duterte Government. Source

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