Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

Iran’s courts previously today sentenced three men who were caught stealing to amputation, Kurdistan Individual Rights Network (KHRN) and Fox News reported.

2 of the prisoners, Mehrdad Teymouri, 30, and his bro, Shahab Teymouri, 35, were apparently jailed in April 2019 and condemned for participating in a number of burglaries in the location. Their appeals were dismissed by the court earlier today.

They are currently waiting for penalty, that consists of having 4 fingers sliced off, at the Orumiyeh Central Prison.

A 3rd particular dealing with a similar situation is Arash Ali Akbari, 32, who was sentenced by the Second Branch of the Urmia Court to have his right-hand man cut off.

The charges, explained in Arabic as hudud,are extreme penalties based upon a radical interpretation of Sharia Law. They were seldom used in the past and their usage today is the source of argument wherever they are performed.

Regardless of the controversy, no efforts by human rights groups, both local and around the world, have actually managed to avoid similar charges from happening. Typically, charges which are classified as hudud can not be pardoned and are carried out in public.

Just recently, a growing variety of such punishments happening in Iran have really been brought to light, drawing considerable, yet not enough worldwide attention.

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In October 2019, Amnesty International openly dealt with a separate case of amputation carried out by Iran that included a guy convicted of theft having his finger eliminated by the state. Saleh Higazi, the company’s deputy Middle East and North Africa director called the charge “an abhorrent form of abuse,” and said that “premeditated maiming and mutilation of people is not justice.”

However many cases remain unidentified, as Iranian authorities tend to keep them private in order to avoid undesirable attention from human right supporters and the global community.

“If there is some pressure from outdoors, Iran is less most likely to perform this sentence, however failure to pay attention to this huge criminal activity will result in the normalization of these penalties. That worries all of us,” an Iranian human rights advocate informed Fox News.

The very same fan also stated that these sort of charges are ending up being more frequent.”It appears the judiciary has not performed this sentence in years, today it is [returning], and it is a disaster,” he said.

At this moment nevertheless, it’s impossible to understand how many people suffer state-imposed amputations in Iran every year.

Iranian authorities have in fact apparently secured these sort of penalties as being the most effective method of avoiding and consequently avoiding theft and equivalent criminal activities.

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