Sun. Oct 25th, 2020

Vijay Sethupathi CHENNAI: When political events and an area of the motion picture fraternity are pointing an accusing finger at star Vijay Sethupathi for signing up for cricketer Muttiah Muralitharan’s biopic ‘800’, a cross-section of Sri Lankan Tamils in camps in Tamil Nadu are batting for the star. A Variety Of Lankan Tamils in the state thought that it is the “best” of the star to act or not to act in any motion picture. They, however, asked for the star to be careful against being utilized as a tool to stain the image of Lankan Tamils.
” There are major problems involving Sri Lankan Tamils and our earnings. We came here to make sure that our children get exceptional education for a better future for the next generation. Though they study as much as class 12 and rating outstanding marks, they are denied chances to pursue expert courses, especially medicine. After graduation, our kids work as daily wage labourers as they discover it challenging to get a great task,” a 45-year-old Lankan Tamil, S Leo, in Vellore’s Abdullapuram camp said.He specified celebrations were trying to draw political mileage by assaulting Sethupathi for registering for the movie. S Sivakaran of Banavaram camp in Ranipet district, who networks with individuals in all the 107 camps in TN, specified stopping a knowledgeable star with social conscience from acting in a movie is an unwanted moving. “It opposes one’s flexibility,” he said. However he had apprehensions about the script of the motion picture and stated it needs to not use a wrong story about Sri Lankan Tamils.K Senthilnathan of the same camp stated Vijay Sethupathi had the flexibility to act. But he included that the star had an excellent fan following among kids in the camp and they felt that the star ought to disassociate himself from the film ‘800’. Muttiah Muralitharan had supported Rajapaksa government, which was accused of genocide. On the other hand, Sethupathi had actually raised his voice for the reason for Tamils in Lanka, he said. Fellow Lankan Tamils in Rameswaram and other southern camps echoed comparable views. Nonetheless, they wanted that the motion picture script stays apolitical and stays with cricket. “The Lankan federal government is developing a new story to divide Tamils into three – Eelam Tamils, Tamils without citizenship and Tamils from India (Tamil Nadu) settled in Lanka – and turn them against each other. We simply hope the movie does not feed the dissentious policies of the Lankan federal government,” said Gabriel (name altered) in Mandapam camp.Former lecturer of Jaffna University and Sri Lankan Tamil Kiruththiga Tharumarajah said,” He is a star. If he plays the function of brigadian Veerappan, can we mention that he backs smuggling of sandalwood trees? Likewise, he is going to act in the biopic of cricketer Muralitharan. Bringing politics into it and mentioning it opposes the interest of Sri Lankan Tamils is unimportant and makes no sense. Additionally, the issues handled by Tamils here( Sri Lanka) are much more major than the petty politics and the social networks projects over the movie 800.” Source.

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