Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

BRAND-NEW DELHI: The All India Muslim Personal Law Board on Saturday released a statement to say that it will challenge in the high court the unique CBI court verdict acqutting all accused on the Babri Mosque demolition case.The AIMPLB working committee chaired by the board’s president, Maulana Syed Mohammad Rabey Hasani Nadvi released a declaration stating “members at the conference revealed their dismay over the decision of the court. The board all chose whether the CBI would challenge this decision or not, the board would challenge this decision in the high court.”
The board’s legal committee likewise provided an in-depth note to the working committee on the review of the Sabarimala case saying that “it clearly consists of religious flexibility, the scope of Post 25 of the Indian Constitution and what is compulsory and crucial for a religious beliefs might be dealt in this judgment. This will impact the religious flexibility of the majority, consisting of Muslims and the other minorities. It was hence chosen that the board would likewise be associated with the case as an intervenor.”
The Board likewise chose to convene with religious groups, other minorities and members of civil society other than political celebrations to talk about the problem of consistent civil code and develop awareness amongst individuals about “how it can be harming for a pluralistic society”.
The board has actually decided to set-up a committee to focus on the concern to counter any kind of propaganda around uniform civil code.


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