Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

Previous Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe gave a casual reaction when it was put to him that the Inspector General of Cops (IGP) did not have the powers to establish the Financial Crimes Evaluation Department (FCID) under the Yahapalana governance.He therefore thought about that the FCID stayed in reality restricted when he appeared before the Presidential Commission of Questions penetrating supposed events of political victimization.He appeared at the FCID with regard to a complaint submitted by

former Extra Director-General of the Department of Divi Naguma and present Director General of Samurdhi Bandula Tilaksiri.During the treatments, the Cabinet paper associating with the ‘Anti Corruption Committee Secretariat’ was given the attention of the previous PM by the legal counsel representing the complainant.The legal counsel stated that the Cabinet paper has given assistance on developing an authorities system, to the ministerial secretary. He nevertheless made obvious that the gazette alert referring to the facility of the FCID hasn’t been released by the ministerial secretary, however the IGP.In action, the previous Premier said that the significant power lies with the IGP.Afterwards the legal counsel of the complainant priced quote Area 55 of the Authorities Regulation and stressed that the IGP does not have power to establish a various unit.To that Wickremesinghe responded” They state the IGP can establish authorities departments. But our cabinet paper does not point out the establishment of divisions, and only mentions the establishment of a secretariat referring to corruption.” The Chairman of the Commission then made obvious that the IGP had established a system under a power which he doesn’t have.Former PM Ranil Wickremesinghe reacted, “I do not learn more about that. I remember they reported that the secretary doesn’t have the power

to do it and just the IGP had the power to do it.” The legal counsel of the plaintiff then made obvious that though the gazette specifies that

the FCID was established under Section 55 of the Cops Regulation, that particular location of the Regulation does not accord such a power.The reaction of the witness was, ‘If there

isn’t power, there isn’t.’ Source.

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