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Promoting Bible education

Thursday, November 12, 2020 – 01:00

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In a bid to promote Bible education on a global scale, JW.ORG recently launched a month-long ‘mega campaign’ to distribute a special issue of the Watchtower magazine to local residents, businesses, and government officials, this month.

The informative, illustrated magazine will be offered free-of-charge, in over 300 different languages.

With a cover titled ‘What is God’s Kingdom?’, Watchtower portrays the significance of world events in the light of Bible prophecies. Due to pandemic-induced circumstances, the global campaign will leverage channels that are in accordance with health protocols set forth by the World Health Organisation (WHO); thereby distributing the issue through electronic means. An electronic copy of this special issue has already been made available on their official website: www.jw.org.

Currently, there are over 8.6 million volunteers worldwide who actively promote this Bible education in over 240 countries. They are individuals from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, including over 7,000 in Sri Lanka. Their official website, JW.ORG, has information available in over 1,020 languages and is currently the only website in the world that has been translated into this number of languages.



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