Fri. Nov 27th, 2020

Dr. Wimalawansa’s scathing attack on Sri Lanka’s superb management of Covid-19.

Dr. Sunil Wimalawansa has made a scathing and utterly unfair  attack on Sri Lanka’s management of Covid-19,  in an article published in the Island  entitled “FAILURE TO MANAGE COVID 19: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? on November 6, 2020”. This has been rejected by Brigadier Vipula Chandrasiri, using  very gentle words ( ), given the harsh claims of the Wimalawansa’s article.

The Brigadier  has of course not mentioned the most likely  reasons behind Wimalawansa’s acidic reaction to Sri Lanka’s INCREDIBLE SUCCESS in dealing with the Covid-19 emergency.   In the early days of Sri Lanka’s Covid-19 epidemic Dr. Wimalawansa (a retired doctor living in the US) came to Sri Lanka and tried to launch some tablets he had prepared (It is said to be a cheap mixture vitamins?), knowing very well that there is no cure for Covid-19 until a vaccine is developed. Of course, not many people   in Sri Lanka  fall for  these  attempts by various people  to make a quick buck out of the situation, esp. if they come form abroad.  The epidemiologists in Sri Lanka are least likely to be carried away by unsubstantiated claims.

I came to know of Dr. Wimalawansa’s attempt to launch  his Covid resistance product  when I saw a “sour grapes” article in the Lanka Web by Wimalawansa.  See the article :

This article claims of a “clinically tried protocol” that “his team” has developed, but I CANNOT find any such thing published by him in any reputed journal,. Any such trials done in the US must  be listed through the American Medical Association.  Also, the retired Doctor  Wimalawansa has no access to Covid patients. His false claims and arrogant demands were politely rejected or ignored  by the Sri Lankan government which has excellent medical scientists at its disposal. So, Wimalawansa threatened to take his Covid-19 cure to India, Indonesia and other countries! Of course, it was a hollow threat!

He has no credible market capacity in those countries.  He cannot launch the product in the West where there are stiff regulations to protect the patients.

 Sri Lanka, with 22 million population has had only 41 deaths. In contrast, USA where Wimalawansa lives  has had nearly 250,000 deaths for its 330,000,000 people. That is, if Sri Lanka had followed  USA, Sri Lanka should have had   16,700 deaths and not merely 41. So what is this Dr. Wimalawansa trying to do? Why doesn’t he take his cure to USA where he lives, where people are dying in thousands every night, even in the State where he lives?

There are many impostors who are trying to profit financially from the Epidemic. We have also heard of the “Dum Hattiya”  people who claimed that they can cure Covid-19 in in three days using a “Kola Kaenda” (leafy broth)  and some “Dum” (inhalation)!!!  Now we have this  Dr. Wimalwansa claiming (without substantiation)  that he has a “COVID-19 prevention and clinical trial protocol which he has designed with assistance from a group of senior foreign scientists”. 

Where has this clinical trial been conducted? Where have the details been  published? Which hospital approved this trial? Why is it that no records of these trails” are tracable in the American Medical Records? If the trials were approved and conducted successfully in the USA, why hasn’t USA adopted this Wimalwansa protocol?

Bodhi Dhanapala, Quebec, Canada


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