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Request for donations for Sri Lanka to help with recent Covid-19 outbreak
Posted on November 11th, 2020

Dear Sir/Madam, 

Sri Lanka’s governments’ timely actions from when the COVID-19 virus first entered the country helped keep the situation under control for a long period of time.

Recently the situation has quickly escalated and several Covid-19 positive clusters were found from the community. Therefore there is a quarantine curfew currently in place in the Western province, including Colombo the capital of Sri Lanka. Additional lockdowns and quarantine curfews are being imposed in affected areas.

Sri Lanka is identified as one of the most vulnerable middle income country at risk with an economy that depends on the tourism industry and exports. As the number of positive cases increases our healthcare system will come under significant further strain.

Therefore, I am requesting that our dear friends will be able to send support by making a donation to Sri Lanka in this difficult time.

You can donate directly to the Sri Lankan president’s fund or to Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara.  I will personally forward any donations sent to the temple to President Gotabaya Rajapaksa with the donor’s information. 

President Fund-…..The Bank of Ceylon   acct#  85737373…..

 OR:  To send to Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara

1847 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019

OR: send through Zelle

Zelle:  [email protected]

With Metta,        Ven. Walpola Piyananda

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